Would Like To Meet is a hilarious play based on real life dating stories including the disasters of online dating, the struggles of being the last single woman in the office and finding your date lying in bed in your clothes.

In Christine Kempell and Hilary Handel’s brilliant retelling of real-life stories collected from friends, the public and just about anyone who’s ever been on a date, you get to laugh, cry and cringe at the oh-so-horrific dating disasters shown before you. The show features speed dating, keeping the magic alive and the task of signing up to online dating.

The four cast members play multiple roles in this fast-paced performance, excellently switching characters between a donkey loving speed dater, Fun-Size Janet the mini Mars bar muncher, a Tom Cruise wannabe and many, many more! The talented cast delivered a perfect show, constantly making the audience cackle at the ridiculous dating scenarios before them with their comedic delivery.

We thoroughly enjoyed the witty comedy brought by the WLTM lot and credits go to the entire crew for such an incredible show, full of light-hearted fun that you’ll be sad to have missed! Well, it must be hard to get tickets to a sold out spectacular like this!

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