The Aussies are back to bring you another five seconds of fun! Returning to the UK for their Sounds Live Looks Live World Tour, the awesome foursome have a whole new set-list to Rock Out with Your Socks Out to! Oh wait… that was their last tour.

The upcoming tour will be in support of their latest album Sounds Good Looks Good, the same album that debuted at #1 in over 10 countries worldwide and features the songs “Hey Everybody!” and “She’s Kinda Hot”. The boys will start their second leg of the tour in Sheffield and perform 40 shows in Europe before jetting off to North America.

Here’s a few fun facts about the band; Michael’s favourite word is ‘cheeseburger’, Ashton has a fear of ducks, Luke has Oprah’s number saved on his phone and Calum would go gay for Channing Tatum. The more you know, eh!

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