Originally from Hurstpierpoint and now residing on the vibrant shores of Brighton, Eddie Goatman may just be the unsung ambassador of our seaside city. Having been a professional DJ and club promoter for just over 12 years, there is high-chance you have encountered the talents of this rather small but hairy individual on a wild night out in Brighton. You may have even been one of the 15,000 in attendance of the Arena Stage kick-off night at V-Festival, in the recent years, going absolutely ballistic to his mix-wizardry, or just purchased a record from him when he worked at the now extinct Rounder Records. However, there are plenty more reasons why this man should be given just a little bit of Brighton’s limelight.

Just have a look at his personal website and you are transported to, what he likes to call, Goatboy World, where you can read more about what professional services he has to offer. Amongst these offerings is a portfolio for his most recent adventure of professional extra and acting work, which seems to be panning out quite well. You might recognise him from Stowford Press’ ‘It Men’ advert that aired at the end of summer last year. He is the smaller gentleman ten deep at the bar keeping his upper-lip stiff, going through thick and thin, and back through thick again.

Eddie Goatman

When he isn’t in front of the cameras you can usually find Eddie at any of his many themed nights including the Dumb and Dumber Movie Quiz, alongside his childhood friend Dave ‘Rave’ Middleton. Eddie will be the guy at the centre of attention making everybody laugh with his boyish charm and unfathomable knowledge of almost everything pop-cultured, or getting people up and lucid with his even greater expertise of the world’s back catalogue of music. His most notable endeavour, Late Night Lingerie, comes on the last Friday of every month, in the downstairs of Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar. It is the Goatboy’s gift to the city that has made him the man he is today. It has provided a stage for new bands and musicians who play music of a rock ‘n’ roll persuasion to be heard and to feel like part of a family. Local film-maker, Steve Glashier, recently made a documentary about the bands who fly the flag for this church of music, simply entitled, Late Night Lingerie.

Everything he does is always for the betterment of others and the city we live in. You could almost say that these acts end up being entirely selfless; making this man, in my eyes, a local treasure. If there was an awards ceremony celebrating the people of our county, which there really should be, he would definitely get my backing for ‘All-Round Great Guy’.

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