If I had to describe STAMP in one sentence, it would be: “I was a man for an hour and it was one of the best experiences of my life.” Fortunately for you all, I get to use more than that so buckle in, folks.

Stamp is an incredibly creative game show where the audience is in control, with a witty presenter and two not-very-willing victims ready to embarrass themselves for your entertainment. The performers were not only engaging and oh-so amusing, they weren’t afraid to jump into any challenge to show that they were the better sex, ending the debate that’s troubled us all. The audience is split down the middle into two teams — Men and Women, obviously — each team supporting their captains with jolly cheers, sad AWWWs and a whole lot of noise.

And don’t think the fun stopped there! The audience must help their team captains by taking part in Round 2, a game made for the bonkers and inventive. A member of the audience has to pick a number of a board and the hidden object behind that number is used to creative a challenge. Last night involved Kleenex Man Sized, yoghurt, bin bags and shin pads which then turned into 3 challenges including sexily cleaning up spilled yoghurt and ultimate bin bag tug of war. Come on, doesn’t that sound like fun?

With the perfect venue at the Warren on London Road, it’s very easy to find. You can go grab yourself a McWhatever or some Kentucky Fried goodness before the show or take advantage of the incredible booths in the Warren, including the much loved Gourmet Burger and more! The venue has 24 hour security and even a family area so you can pop in — for FREE — anytime of the day and take a browse of all the different pop-up shops and see what events interest you.

STAMP is an incredible piece full of fun that will leave you laughing and smiling until your cheeks ache. Get ready to shout, woop and cheer on your team and forget about the fact you may not actually be a man/woman. I recommend anyone that can make it goes to this show, I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard (and I definitely have never gotten so competitive about why men are the better sex). And on that note… BEARS FOR LIFE!

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