After over 40 years, the award-winning Rocky Horror Show has returned for another tour and what a lucky bunch we are to have it grace the stage of the Theatre Royal Brighton! The talented cast includes Diana Vickers, Ben Freeman, Liam Tamne and the return of Kristian Lavercombe as Riff Raff. But does the new cast live up to the Rocky Horror name? WHM got the chance to Rose Tint our world and see the show and, well…. it was AMAZING!
With even the audience glitzing up in their sequinned blazers and stockings, no one could deny everyone looked fabulous, my darling. And of course there was a LOT of audience participation—I mean, it was Rocky Horror after all.

If you don’t know the story of Rocky Horror, where have you been? The musical follows newly engaged couple Janet (Diana Vickers) and Brad (Ben Freeman) who get stranded in the middle of a storm and find a castle to seek refuge. The castle is home to Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia and the sweet transvestite that is Frank’N’Furter who shows the couple his latest creation, a Frankenstien-like monster in the form of a muscular man with “brown hair and a tan”.

Diana Vickers and Ben Freeman gave a wonderful performance as the goofy, innocent, so-in-love-it’s-sickening couple that get stuck in a storm on their way to tell their old professor of their engagement. Liam Tamne’s performance was extraordinary. No one can argue that he didn’t completely become Frank-N-Furter during the two-hour show and brought a whole new level of energy to the audience. Let’s not forget about Kristian Lavercombe and Kay Murphy, the sexual siblings with hip-thrusting skills and overall awesome dance moves as well as incredible vocal performances from the entire cast. Now what can we say about Rocky AKA Dominic Anderson? He had the body, he had the looks, he had very little clothing and he definitely had the moves… WHM approves!

Overall it was a fantastic night full of time-warping, pelvic-thrusting, touch-a-touch-a-touching fun with lots of glitter, corsets and dancing—and that’s just from the audience! We cannot recommend going to see the Rocky Horror Show at the Theatre Royal Brighton enough, but hurry up as it’s only showing until the 2nd of January!

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