Looking for a plain black cap that isn’t plastered in print or shouty logos can be hard to come by these days, especially when you want high quality without a high price tag. Blackcaps is a new brand with the simple slogan of:

‘It’s BLACK. It’s a CAP. Change the SNAP.’

Blackcaps offer two styles of cap, the ‘Standard Issue’ (curved peak baseball cap) and ‘Special Ops’ (flat peak baseball cap). By having their logos stitched in black onto every hat gives them an understated yet premium look. So, we agree that as far as plain caps goes, these fit the bill. They are BLACK. They are CAPS. But what about this ‘SNAP’?

Blackcaps are the very first to have interchangeable top SNAPS. Using the power of magnetism you can change the top buttons on the caps by ‘snapping’ on different coloured magnetic buttons, a subtle change that can take a plain cap and turn it into a simple style statement.

Prices start at £27.99 and every cap comes with a black ‘SNAP’, a choice of one other coloured SNAP and a set of free stickers. SNAPS are also sold separately with 12 different colours to choose from.

Our verdict? If you’re struggling on what to get someone this Christmas, this could be the answer. The simple yet stylish design makes it perfect for all ages and it even comes in a nice sturdy box making wrapping easy!

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