In recent years we have seen a rise in the interest of veganism in Brighton. A range of vegan based restaurants and local shops have popped up around the city. In addition to this, Brighton hosts VegfestUK – Europe’s leading vegan festival celebrating and educating the public on the benefits of veganism. WHM caught up with VegfestUK founder, Tim Barford to gain further insight into veganism and the benefits of becoming vegan.

Why did you become a vegan?

I went vegan in 1984 during Live Aid. Developed countries were (and still are) using developing countries to grow cattle fodder…using what little water and arable there was and thus depriving the indigenous people of their own food and water. The only way to prevent this injustice is not to buy into it. So I went vegan.

Have you felt healthier since becoming vegan?

Undoubtedly. I am 52 now… I have been vegan for over 30 years and I am looking forward to a life free from cancer heart disease and diabetes. Eating meat and dairy is disastrous for your health…not to mention disastrous for the environment and the animals. It has to stop.

Have you ever felt tempted to eat meat since becoming vegan?

Early on yes once or twice. I didn’t though… once you realise that ‘meat’ is actually a dead person the appeal soon fades.

Is it difficult to find vegan foods and vegan restaurants?

Not in Bristol….But yes it can be challenging in some parts of the world. But in Europe? No excuses

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