Daniel is a bit of a mess. He lives with his ex girlfriend, starts a long distance relationship with a girl he meets on a cruise, goes for coffee with another girl who shows up at his flat accidentally, and don’t forget the voice inside his head telling him what to do. Who wouldn’t be a little bit insane after all of that drama?

This hilarious piece is fantastic, light-hearted and a definite crowd pleaser! Punchline theatre have created a brilliant play focused on how social networking sites can be the thing keeping your relationship together, or the thing to completely ruin it, especially when everything is… 2 Complicated.

Actually, the only problem was the audience! 2 Complicated, back by popular demand, happened to be so popular that the show was sold out and everyone had to get rather personal squeezing in next to each other like sardines to see the performance. (Don’t worry, the guy next to me was very polite and seemed to love the show even more than I did! Well, why else would he be laughing at every joke for?)

With a talented cast and crew, 2 Complicated features amazing social visuals like prepared Skype call replicas timed perfectly to show the long distance relationship between Danny and Jessie (IE not Y). The original concept is executed without a single slip up and the added extras bring the show to life. Of course, you can’t forget the performers either! The cast are so animated in their performances, it’s easy to believe you’re actually watching someone’s day to day lives unfold before you, especially with Daniel (Matt Houston) and Daniel’s Subconscious’ (Matt Lim) obsessive bickering.

In short, 2 Complicated is an original and creative play that will make you laugh, reconsider just how much you share on Facebook and make you scared to ever Skype your girlfriend when her dad’s home.

2 Complicated will also be making it’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival premiere this year from the 15th – 20th, 22nd – 28th August 2016 so go grab your tickets if you missed the show while it graced our Brighton stage.

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