Exclusive Behind the Scenes Footage of WHM’s Latest Hair Shoot

Black Eye Hair gives WHM a sneak peek of their new hair designs of the season. The vintage look is coming back but with a futuristic twist, mixing up the traditional ringlets with the ombre ends and the high brow makeup with a messy barnet. Known for their eccenticity and dramatic style of work, Black Eye Hair is worth a visit, whether it be a simple tidy up or a killer new look, it is an experience you won’t find else where.

Inherent Vice’ A Paul Thomas Anderson Film – Review

The director behind ‘There Will Be Blood’, which many critics have said was the best film of the 2000s, has rewarded cinema with another new release. ‘Inherent Vice’ is the 7th film from Academy award winning director Paul Thomas Anderson, which takes place in LA during the 1970s.

It follows a stoner private investigator called “Doc” (Joaquin Phoenix) as he gets involved in numerous and highly complicated cases. It has the same charm as ‘The Big Lebowski’ of a laid back aging hippy dealing with a multi-layered complicated mystery while attempting to stay in their comfort zone of taking things slow and easy.

Ten Top Spas in Sussex

There are many fantastic spas across the UK, and fortunately for Sussex dwellers, we have some on our doorstep too! Spas can vary massively in terms of the treatments available, the facilities on offer, the interior décor, food available, ambience, and potential accommodation options should you wish to prolong your peaceful pace of life, so do some extra research.

Handy tip: Spa-ing can be expensive, so book midweek for some great value offers.

Don’t know where to start looking for a superb spa that’s not too far away? Look no further. Check out WHM’s pocket pamper guide to the best spas in Sussex.

The Anteater That Didn’t

Brighton based artist and author, Greg Allum, has published 3 books which have sold to a global audience in over 25 countries.

His new book entitled ‘The Anteater That Didn’t’ is a fantastic tale of a purple, moustached anteater known by the name of Nigel De Montfort who doesn’t like eating ants! He helps an unlucky café owner (Les Crumple) regenerate his run-down business in Brighton (The Humble Crumple Café) to its former glory. Currently in development for older children (8-11) and adults, the book is packed full of imagination, fun and great illustrations.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to fund the printing costs of 500 Limited Edition hardback copies of the book. The money raised will not only be used to approach publishers, but also to sell to local bookshops in Brighton. So keep a lookout on the shelves of stores such as City Books and Waterstones!

Would Like To Meet (WLTM) Review – Brighton Fringe

Would Like To Meet is a hilarious play based on real life dating stories including the disasters of online dating, the struggles of being the last single woman in the office and finding your date lying in bed in your clothes.

In Christine Kempell and Hilary Handel’s brilliant retelling of real-life stories collected from friends, the public and just about anyone who’s ever been on a date, you get to laugh, cry and cringe at the oh-so-horrific dating disasters shown before you. The show features speed dating, keeping the magic alive and the task of signing up to online dating.

The four cast members play multiple roles in this fast-paced performance, excellently switching characters between a donkey loving speed dater, Fun-Size Janet the mini Mars bar muncher, a Tom Cruise wannabe and many, many more! The talented cast delivered a perfect show, constantly making the audience cackle at the ridiculous dating scenarios before them with their comedic delivery.

We thoroughly enjoyed the witty comedy brought by the WLTM lot and credits go to the entire crew for such an incredible show, full of light-hearted fun that you’ll be sad to have missed! Well, it must be hard to get tickets to a sold out spectacular like this!

Vegfest 2013

Having been vegetarian in the past and having grown up with an older sister who worked for Greenpeace I was already fairly receptive to much of the ethos behind this type of festival, and knew that I would not need to worry about having a Jeremy Clarksonesque reaction to being confronted with so many non meat- eaters. I was already aware that Vegfest promotes vegan and vegetarian values, but realised once I was there that what Vegfest really advocates is not so much a way of eating, but a way of living. Founder and organiser of Vegfest Tim Barford, explained that the motivation behind Vegfest when it first started 10 years ago in Bristol was to bring together various parts of the vegan community. “We wanted to help people access the best of the vegan lifestyle as well as helping business owners access a wider customer base […] we want people to leave with inspiration and motivation as well as a warm feeling inside.”

With Bristol Vegfest celebrating its 10 year anniversary in May and a new Vegfest springing up in London this October it would seem that Brighton’s Vegfest is part of a much bigger picture. It is also, perhaps unsurprisingly in Brighton, massively popular- with over 7,000 people attending the weekend long festival on the 16th and 17th of March. Spread over three floors in the Hove Centre, this year’s Vegfest was home to around 125 stalls including caterers, bakeries, health and beauty products, clothing, jewellery and nutritional supplements. There was also a huge presence in the form of animal rights and welfare groups such as Animal Aid, the League Against Cruel Sports, the RSPB and Animals Asia Foundation. In keeping with the ethos of educating people about an alternative lifestyle there were various talks, film screenings, cooking demonstrations and classes as well as various live musical and comedy performances.

My first impression of Vegfest was based on aroma. All food at Vegfest (in fact, everything sold at Vegfest) was 100% plant based, but that did not stop it looking, smelling and tasting fantastic. Gone are the days when vegans and vegetarians were expected to survive on a diet which consisted almost solely of lentils and nut roasts. It seems that you can now find almost anything to satisfy a plant based diet; from the more processed meat and dairy alternatives to the more traditional salads and curries which take advantage of the wide range of fruits, pulses and vegetables available. For those people with a sweet tooth, there was ample provision in the form of almost every baked good imaginable, all 100% vegan.

Vegfest is, as I have mentioned previously, about lifestyle as much as about anything else. Whilst many people I spoke to jokingly cited their reasons for attending as being to do with free food, the majority of attendees seemed to be those who were already converted vegans and vegetarians and were simply looking for more information about what was available to them. For many, Vegfest provides an educative platform to further explore an alternative way of eating and living. The presence of various animal charities also provided learning opportunities; many of the people I spoke to said their favourite part of the Vegfest experience involved educating themselves about different causes that they were previously unaware of.
Of course, much of the Vegfest clientele is made up of the old stalwarts. There is a tangible sense of preaching to the converted; for many people this is not their first Vegfest and they have returned to soak up the atmosphere, appreciate the food and socialise. “We come every year to support the cause.” Explained Baz and Steph from Brighton. “We know quite a few people here so it’s nice bumping into friends, sampling the food and going to the talks.”

Whether you’re a seasoned Vegfest participant or a recently converted vegan or vegetarian it would seem that Vegfest has something to offer you. There is even room, as evidenced by my own attendance, for those who are neither vegan nor veggie but simply curious and open to new things. Vegfest does, of course, have an agenda. It seeks to promote animal welfare and drive home the arguable benefits of a vegan lifestyle. If you are a staunch meat eater then this is probably not the place for you. There is no room for manoeuvre when it comes to the message that veganism is a superior lifestyle choice, which of course is their prerogative. If any of this is likely to offend you then I would advise against going. If however you are veggie, vegan or v-curious then head on down to the next one. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Vegfest UK Returns to Start 2016 Deliciously

As we will soon be bidding farewell to the indulgent finale of the year, Vegfest UK is at the helm of 2016 to kickstart the detox season with a plethora of foods and activities that celebrate the delicious side of veganism and healthy living.

Kicking off a series of dates across the year in February with Vegfest Brighton, the festival continues to lead the way as one of Europe’s leading food and cultural events, hosting an eclectic selection of 200 stalls and a varied array of sumptuous, health-conscious, world cuisine, along with four all-day licensed bars.

Housed inside the cavernous Brighton Centre, with luxury, guilt-free eating on tap across the weekend, such delights include Caribbean, Chinese, BBQ and Indian curries, smoothies and ice-creams, as well as a stream of cakes, snacks, fresh juices and desserts, all 100% vegan.

Regularly attracting more than 12,000 visitors, other attractions include live cookery demonstrations, Animal rights workshops, music performances, The UK Vegan Comedy Festival, Cinema and Kids Cookery classes as well as Nutrition and Health lectures from industry professionals. The festival stands as one of the highlights of the year for those passionate about food as well as the vegan lifestyle.

Vegfest UK Organiser, Alan Lee, says “We are so excited to be returning to Brighton for the first of our 2016 dates! Not only is Vegfest the perfect day out for all the family, it’s also the most delicious way to start the New Year.”

STAMP Review Brighton Fringe

If I had to describe STAMP in one sentence, it would be: “I was a man for an hour and it was one of the best experiences of my life.” Fortunately for you all, I get to use more than that so buckle in, folks.

Stamp is an incredibly creative game show where the audience is in control, with a witty presenter and two not-very-willing victims ready to embarrass themselves for your entertainment. The performers were not only engaging and oh-so amusing, they weren’t afraid to jump into any challenge to show that they were the better sex, ending the debate that’s troubled us all. The audience is split down the middle into two teams — Men and Women, obviously — each team supporting their captains with jolly cheers, sad AWWWs and a whole lot of noise.

And don’t think the fun stopped there! The audience must help their team captains by taking part in Round 2, a game made for the bonkers and inventive. A member of the audience has to pick a number of a board and the hidden object behind that number is used to creative a challenge. Last night involved Kleenex Man Sized, yoghurt, bin bags and shin pads which then turned into 3 challenges including sexily cleaning up spilled yoghurt and ultimate bin bag tug of war. Come on, doesn’t that sound like fun?

With the perfect venue at the Warren on London Road, it’s very easy to find. You can go grab yourself a McWhatever or some Kentucky Fried goodness before the show or take advantage of the incredible booths in the Warren, including the much loved Gourmet Burger and more! The venue has 24 hour security and even a family area so you can pop in — for FREE — anytime of the day and take a browse of all the different pop-up shops and see what events interest you.

STAMP is an incredible piece full of fun that will leave you laughing and smiling until your cheeks ache. Get ready to shout, woop and cheer on your team and forget about the fact you may not actually be a man/woman. I recommend anyone that can make it goes to this show, I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard (and I definitely have never gotten so competitive about why men are the better sex). And on that note… BEARS FOR LIFE!

Sean Moriguchi

One of Brighton’s most promising up and coming house producers, Sean Moriguchi, has been inside the music scene for quite some time. Having an old skool/garage/deep house sound. A grade 5 jazz pianist, who even taught sound engineering at a London college with grime artist Wiley’s dad!

Born in London, Sean is now a true Brightonian and what makes him such a promising new talent is the depth of his music experience.

“When I started secondary school a mate of mine told me about a pirate radio station called Freeze 92.7, in which we could listen to new underground music for free. Since I first locked in I wanted to make underground music.”

To hone his music making skills, Sean began Dj-ing at an early age with vinyl records. Before the days of YouTube, Myspace and Soundcloud, when the only way to hear good underground music was via the airwaves. Pirate radio stations therefore played a pivotal role in the success of any up and coming artist, since the chances of getting on a mainstream station were few and far between.

“The pirate stations were always set up in the grittiest places from self-storage warehouses to boiler rooms in car parks. I had a regular show on Lay Low FM which was run from a shed underneath a motorway flyover.”

Alongside appearances on pirate radio stations, Sean would also organise sets in his garage. As word spread in his neighbourhood about his sets, Sean’s garage became the epicentre from which many of his friends would come and hangout, mc, dance and party.

“It was a bit like my garage became a DJ booth and my front road/pavement would become a dance floor.”

At seventeen Sean got a job at Deep Recording Studios in London as an intern. A few months later this led to another position in post-production at Abbott Street Studios in which he was able to edit and work on many big commercials for clients such as Pepsi and L’Oreal.

Sean notes his time at Sussex University as one of his biggest musical inspirations.

“East Slope on Sussex campus was where all of the mad parties were constantly happening. It created a hub for students to play the best and most recent songs in underground music.”

Fond memories of gigs at the Green Door Store, Concorde 2, the Haunt and also the JAM (now Sticky Mikes Frog Bar) have helped Sean to architect his own sound. With plans to collaborate with Maya Jane Coles and Liverpool based producer Resketch, Sean Moriguchi is definitely one artist to look out for. You can listen to Sean’s latest EP on Soundcloud.

The Rocky Horror Show at the Theatre Royal

After over 40 years, the award-winning Rocky Horror Show has returned for another tour and what a lucky bunch we are to have it grace the stage of the Theatre Royal Brighton! The talented cast includes Diana Vickers, Ben Freeman, Liam Tamne and the return of Kristian Lavercombe as Riff Raff. But does the new cast live up to the Rocky Horror name? WHM got the chance to Rose Tint our world and see the show and, well…. it was AMAZING!
With even the audience glitzing up in their sequinned blazers and stockings, no one could deny everyone looked fabulous, my darling. And of course there was a LOT of audience participation—I mean, it was Rocky Horror after all.

If you don’t know the story of Rocky Horror, where have you been? The musical follows newly engaged couple Janet (Diana Vickers) and Brad (Ben Freeman) who get stranded in the middle of a storm and find a castle to seek refuge. The castle is home to Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia and the sweet transvestite that is Frank’N’Furter who shows the couple his latest creation, a Frankenstien-like monster in the form of a muscular man with “brown hair and a tan”.

Diana Vickers and Ben Freeman gave a wonderful performance as the goofy, innocent, so-in-love-it’s-sickening couple that get stuck in a storm on their way to tell their old professor of their engagement. Liam Tamne’s performance was extraordinary. No one can argue that he didn’t completely become Frank-N-Furter during the two-hour show and brought a whole new level of energy to the audience. Let’s not forget about Kristian Lavercombe and Kay Murphy, the sexual siblings with hip-thrusting skills and overall awesome dance moves as well as incredible vocal performances from the entire cast. Now what can we say about Rocky AKA Dominic Anderson? He had the body, he had the looks, he had very little clothing and he definitely had the moves… WHM approves!

Overall it was a fantastic night full of time-warping, pelvic-thrusting, touch-a-touch-a-touching fun with lots of glitter, corsets and dancing—and that’s just from the audience! We cannot recommend going to see the Rocky Horror Show at the Theatre Royal Brighton enough, but hurry up as it’s only showing until the 2nd of January!