Trans Pride

Trans Pride

What’s Trans Pride I hear you ask? Organised by volunteers who invite everyone who identifies as gender variant in any way and their loved ones. Trans Pride is a chance to celebrate and meet people in a supportive, empowered and proud environment. The weekend started in The Duke of York Cinema on Friday evening where we were treated to a selection of documentaries and fictional short films. My Generation/Patchwork lead by Fox and Lew provided an exclusive series of 12 films about gender variant individuals living in the UK, commissioned by All About Trans for Channel 4 and beyond. I was overwhelmed by the courage and honesty shown in each of these films and wish more people had a chance to see them.


Saturday’s activities began with a march which started outside the Marlborough pub and finished at the New Steine Gardens. I could hear angelic voices coming from the backstreets, Parochial Gardens to be exact. Ironic because Parochial means to focus on the small issues and after last night’s introduction to Trans Pride I am left realising this community cares about everyone and everything in this world. I am reminded of the early Pride demonstrations which were more political and social change orientated than party.

All ages were on the march, from children to grandparents. Accents from all over the world filled the air with excitement and optimism. I felt so proud to be involved in supporting this inclusive community.

The march walked up the rainbow flagged St James Street; shops displayed larger than life posters of Tran’s icons. Shopkeepers and passers-by watch and wave, the all-encompassing community spirit of Kemp Town giving me hope for the future for the rest of the world.

Arriving in the beautiful New Steine Gardens I am amazed by the amount of stalls offering information and support to the Trans community, the informal setting making it easy to ask anything. The main stage dominated the lower part of the gardens, opposite there is an Art Tent which also offers spiritual readings from the supporting religions. Workshops ran all day and ranged from ‘What makes a healthy relationship’ to ‘How to prevent homelessness’.

The main stage is eloquently compared by Nicole Gibson. Local MP Caroline Lucas spoke of her campaign to have a Trans medical centre in Brighton and we were entertained all afternoon by amazing acts including MC Smash, Seth Corbin, Jady Shaw, Poetry from a variety of readers, Nothing Yet, Daskinsey4 and the hilarious Sally Outen. The after party was at Brighton’s best alternative venue – The Brighton Arts Club. In my opinion the only venue that could do justice to The Trans Prom. I have never seen so many amazing outfits either. As I meandered the crowd, who fell about laughing to Bethany Black, and danced to The Dykeness and a variety of DJ’s I was surrounded by so many happy faces. Everyone felt safe to express themselves and let their hair down. I realise how lucky I am that I can pretty much always do that without fear of recrimination.

Sunday was a much gentler, meeting on the beach for a picnic. Again all ages met on the beach adjacent to New Steine Gardens, milling about getting to know each other sharing food, and laughter and even braving the water. We were so lucky to have incredible weather for the whole of Trans Pride. Maybe someone was smiling down on us I heard someone say.

Trans pride was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had in my life. Every human desires love, respect and acceptance and Trans pride promotes the concept of being proud every day. Doesn’t that sound like something that would benefit everyone in society?


64 Degrees Restaurant

64 Degrees Restaurant

Set in the heart of the South Lanes, 64 Degrees opens it’s doors to the public hoping to tap into a market done by no others. The food here is served as smaller portions with no such thing as a starter or a main course. It is a place where anyone can come in and have a quick bite to eat on their own or share several dishes amongst a group.

The styling and overall design of the restaurant is perfect. With what could easily be misconstrued for a bar to anyone walking past, the open kitchen creates a lovely atmosphere. You can sit right in front of the chefs as they prepare your food, but instead of simply observing them, they allow you to interact and engage with the chefs. The name 64 Degrees comes from the use of a water oven in the kitchen, which is constantly set to 64 degrees celsius, and it is a nice connection between what the customer sees and what the kitchen does.

The food itself is fantastic. The flavours and quality of the dicers are amazing and an explosion of flavours occurs almost instantly, with the Kimchi chicken wings a particular favourite of mine.

64 Degrees has every opportunity to be a fantastic restaurant, with the ideology of being accessible and ditch the traditional dining experience for something much less formal.

5SOS Sounds Live Looks Live World Tour

5SOS Sounds Live Looks Live World Tour

The Aussies are back to bring you another five seconds of fun! Returning to the UK for their Sounds Live Looks Live World Tour, the awesome foursome have a whole new set-list to Rock Out with Your Socks Out to! Oh wait… that was their last tour.

The upcoming tour will be in support of their latest album Sounds Good Looks Good, the same album that debuted at #1 in over 10 countries worldwide and features the songs “Hey Everybody!” and “She’s Kinda Hot”. The boys will start their second leg of the tour in Sheffield and perform 40 shows in Europe before jetting off to North America.

Here’s a few fun facts about the band; Michael’s favourite word is ‘cheeseburger’, Ashton has a fear of ducks, Luke has Oprah’s number saved on his phone and Calum would go gay for Channing Tatum. The more you know, eh!



Having sold more than 90 million copies in e-book and print, E.L. James’s worldwide bestseller is a genuine publishing phenomenon, internationally bestselling novel finally hits the big screenjust in time for valentine’s 2015.

It is reportedly on course to be the most-watched trailer of all time after picking up more than 50m views in its first few days of release

. When young literature student, Anastasia Steele agrees to interview the wealthy and powerful Christian Grey, as a favor to her roommate, she soon finds that she’s getting herself into a lot more than she’s bargained for.

30 Years of the Goat

Originally from Hurstpierpoint and now residing on the vibrant shores of Brighton, Eddie Goatman may just be the unsung ambassador of our seaside city. Having been a professional DJ and club promoter for just over 12 years, there is high-chance you have encountered the talents of this rather small but hairy individual on a wild night out in Brighton. You may have even been one of the 15,000 in attendance of the Arena Stage kick-off night at V-Festival, in the recent years, going absolutely ballistic to his mix-wizardry, or just purchased a record from him when he worked at the now extinct Rounder Records. However, there are plenty more reasons why this man should be given just a little bit of Brighton’s limelight.

Just have a look at his personal website and you are transported to, what he likes to call, Goatboy World, where you can read more about what professional services he has to offer. Amongst these offerings is a portfolio for his most recent adventure of professional extra and acting work, which seems to be panning out quite well. You might recognise him from Stowford Press’ ‘It Men’ advert that aired at the end of summer last year. He is the smaller gentleman ten deep at the bar keeping his upper-lip stiff, going through thick and thin, and back through thick again.

Eddie Goatman

When he isn’t in front of the cameras you can usually find Eddie at any of his many themed nights including the Dumb and Dumber Movie Quiz, alongside his childhood friend Dave ‘Rave’ Middleton. Eddie will be the guy at the centre of attention making everybody laugh with his boyish charm and unfathomable knowledge of almost everything pop-cultured, or getting people up and lucid with his even greater expertise of the world’s back catalogue of music. His most notable endeavour, Late Night Lingerie, comes on the last Friday of every month, in the downstairs of Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar. It is the Goatboy’s gift to the city that has made him the man he is today. It has provided a stage for new bands and musicians who play music of a rock ‘n’ roll persuasion to be heard and to feel like part of a family. Local film-maker, Steve Glashier, recently made a documentary about the bands who fly the flag for this church of music, simply entitled, Late Night Lingerie.

Everything he does is always for the betterment of others and the city we live in. You could almost say that these acts end up being entirely selfless; making this man, in my eyes, a local treasure. If there was an awards ceremony celebrating the people of our county, which there really should be, he would definitely get my backing for ‘All-Round Great Guy’.

2013 Brighton Marathon

Sunday 14th April saw competitive runners and fundraising heroes from around the world descend on the city to run the Brighton Marathon 2013. The 26.2 mile course, with its mostly flat surface enabling a fast run, is popular with all sorts of runners. This year was no different.

The weather had thankfully perked up after a dismal start to the weekend. Whilst a changeable wind did cause some difficulties for runners, stationary spectators were content to cheer from the sidelines. Officials estimate that around 100,000 people watched the race.

19th century Barbie VS 21st century Lammily

In recent years Barbie has been criticized for having unrealistic body portions. People have argued that this representation could be contributing to pre-teens and adolescents suffering with self-confidence issues and anorexica. Fashion doll Barbie was first manufactured by the American toy-company Mattel who launched the doll at the American International toy fair in March 1959. Since then, a new modern version of ‘Barbie’ has been developed by Nickolay Lamm in 2014 conceiving an average size women alternative to Mattel’s Barbie. But is this doll any better?The original Barbie is known for her glamorous appearance with a tiny waist, untouched hair and her beanpole figure appearing to weigh 110lbs, 35 lbs under the healthy weight for her height 5’9 if she was in a human form – making her anorexic. This created “Barbie syndrome”, which particularly affects young people. This is when a person begins to desire to have a physical appearance and lifestyle of representative, Barbie doll. In recent years, a new modern Barbie was created fitting the criteria of an average sized woman, ‘Lammily’.

Lammily is the first fashion doll that holds healthy aspects relating to a typical 19 year old women’s body shape with a 31” waist (UK Size 12) with a height of 5’4 inches, in contrast with the Barbie doll’s 18” waist. The likelihood of having Barbie’s iconic body type is one in 100,000 chances near enough, unachievable. This Lammily doll could be a good product as it does provide children with an alternative perception of ideal beauty within the human race.


However, the Lammily doll that supposedly considers “the average sized women’s body shape” only covers the Western World. This is problematic, as the manufactures are still not considering the average sized body shape of women from all areas of the world where the average sized could be something entirely different to these Westernised modern dolls that are being represented today. Although these doll alternations are taking a step into the right direction, are they still too Westernised for a doll sold worldwide?

We Are Scientists announce new album ‘Helter Seltzer’ to be released April 22nd via 100% Records

“Most of our videos start with some kind of longstanding desire that we’re aiming to fulfil,” says We Are Scientists’ singer Keith Murray. “And well, I’d always wanted to dump food all over Chris’s face. Not in an angry way. I just thought it would be fun, and man I was right”

For ‘Helter Seltzer’ We Are Scientists asked their ex-keyboard player Max Hart to produce. Max had just finished a three-year stint as the keyboardist for international super-mega-person Katy Perry, choosing as his final gig Ms. Perry’s performance at the 2015 Super Bowl. Max rented a studio space in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighbourhood, outfitting it with gear he had accumulated over a decade of obsessive internet shopping. In early March, the team got to work and a direction quickly emerged – they would use the tones and trickery of radio pop and Max’s inside- out familiarity with hits like ‘Teenage Dream’ and ‘Firework’ and ‘Dark Horse’ to add a sweet sheen to the new crop of distinctively We Are Scientists songs. The recordings were shipped to mixer Chris Coady at Sunset Sound in L.A. who has quietly emerged in recent years as one of the finest mixers of glossy indie pop, with credits that include Future Islands, Beach House, and !!!. Finally, the music was passed through the deluxe mastering machine that are the ears of Greg Calbi (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Noel Gallagher, Perfume Genius) to add a coat of heft and sparkle, and in January of 2016, nearly a year after construction began, the album was pronounced complete.

“We’ve always made overtures toward being a pop band, but we’ve generally had the inclination to obscure those pop leanings in grit and chaos — to screw them up with fuzzed-out tones and raucous performances,” says guitarist and vocalist Keith Murray. “It’s made us really think about what our musical genre is. We’re not punk — we’re too interested in making our songs as pretty as possible. We’re not straight-up rock — our tastes are too left-of-centre. We’re not indie-rock — our heads aren’t far enough up our own butts. So finally, after putting as much time into thinking about it as we’re apt to — about ten minutes, over beers — we decided that our genre is ‘Helter Seltzer.’”

“Declaring a new genre is obviously douchey as hell, though, and impossible to deliver with a straight face,” adds bassist Chris Cain, “so we did the noble thing and just made ‘Helter Seltzer’ the album title. It’s especially apt for us these days, though. The songs here are more effervescent than we’ve ever managed to deliver, but they’ve still maintained a measure of that ‘Helter Skelter’ element — no matter how fizzy and refreshing the tunes are, they’ve always got a bit of that seamy, scuzzy, ‘cult on Spahn Ranch’ vibe. “We therefore consider this album, as a vessel of both sweet pop tunes and seltzer outreach,” concludes Chris. “To be a work of undisguised philanthropy on our part.”

Raise funds for your chosen charity at The Martlets Shopping Centre

The Martlets Shopping Centre is delighted to announce that on Saturday 27th February it is giving local schools and colleges the opportunity to use the centre as a free community space to either raise money for charity or for their own projects.

From 11am until 4pm, schools and colleges are invited to have a stall and sell homemade or quality second hand items in order to raise vital funds and build awareness.

Ian Goodridge, Centre Manager of The Martlets Shopping Centre, commented:

“We are delighted to be able to offer local schools and colleges the opportunity to use our free space, whilst raising money for their chosen charity or project. It’s a great way for local schools to get creative and sell their items to the general public.”

Brighton Comedy Festival

There will be the usual surprise line up of comedy heavyweights for the Gala opening Night and the ever- popular Best Of The Fest, multi bill line ups on Saturdays. The festival sets out to present the best live comedy of the year and there is no better place in the country to do this than Brighton. The heady air of the seaside combines with some of the world’s funniest people to create a mixture that is unmissable. With over 70 performances across 16 days, the city really will be awash with laughter.