64 Degrees Restaurant

Set in the heart of the South Lanes, 64 Degrees opens it’s doors to the public hoping to tap into a market done by no others. The food here is served as smaller portions with no such thing as a starter or a main course. It is a place where anyone can come in and have a quick bite to eat on their own or share several dishes amongst a group.

The styling and overall design of the restaurant is perfect. With what could easily be misconstrued for a bar to anyone walking past, the open kitchen creates a lovely atmosphere. You can sit right in front of the chefs as they prepare your food, but instead of simply observing them, they allow you to interact and engage with the chefs. The name 64 Degrees comes from the use of a water oven in the kitchen, which is constantly set to 64 degrees celsius, and it is a nice connection between what the customer sees and what the kitchen does.

The food itself is fantastic. The flavours and quality of the dicers are amazing and an explosion of flavours occurs almost instantly, with the Kimchi chicken wings a particular favourite of mine.

64 Degrees has every opportunity to be a fantastic restaurant, with the ideology of being accessible and ditch the traditional dining experience for something much less formal.

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